chamberAs each day passes and there is no crop, the amount in financial losses mounts causing a great impact to the economy of the north and the country on a whole.

If we talk about the economic part of the situation it is important to mention that the export of sugar cane accounts for $107 million of Belize’s foreign exchange revenue. Due to the current sugar impasse between the manufacturer, BSI/ASR and the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association the foreign exchange revenue can be impacted thus posing a crippling effect on Belize’s economy.

The negative economic impact that the current impasse may have is of grave concern to the Belize Chamber of Commerce & Industry, (BCCI).

In a release issued today the BCCI urged the stakeholders in the sugar industry to continue to seek a peaceful resolution to the current impasse in the sugar industry, and for the parties to be guided by the following important considerations: One: The long term viability and predictability of the industry. Two: That farmers respect each other’s constitutional right to freely associate, whether with BSCFA, act as independents or form other bodies. Three: It is imperative that the crop begins so that farmers can provide for their families and meet their other obligations. Four: That careful consideration is given by the parties to the economic impact of the demise of this industry on the entire country of Belize.

The BCCI also made a call to all stakeholders to act responsibly and stated that they reject any calls for violence or intimidation.

While the BCCI issued their release today, the National Trade Union Congress of Belize did so late yesterday following the press conference of the Prime Minister. In that release, the NTUCB makes a plea to cane farmer to remain united adding that this is the only way to come through on the most beneficial end of the matter.


The NTUCB continues saying that the recent events have been skillfully weaved to break up the farmers. It adds that it refused to quote, “buckle under the name calling,” end of quote. The organization affirms the measures taken in support of the BSCFA and its members.

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