Without the support of the Prime Minister of Belize, cane farmers feel they have been left alone navigating in turbulent waters. About to drown, they have decided to sign the commercial agreement with BSI/ASR under protest. Today the People’s United Party held a press conference in Belize City to discuss the current sugar crisis. During the media briefing, Orange Walk South Area Representative, Honorable Jose Abelardo Mai, stated that with 1.5 million tons of cane out in the fields, cane farmers have no other choice but to throw in the towel and sign the agreement.


Screen_Shot_2015-01-12_at_8.13.47_PMHonorable Jose Abelardo Mai- Orange Walk South Area Rep.

“The farmers I believe in their own wisdom have decided to sign the agreement and to stay with the Belize Cane Farmers Association, of course under force measures, it I with a heavy heart that you go and sign your name as a matter of fact I almost signed yesterday but after doing some reflection I said no, I will sign but after I made my statement very clear, I am unhappy and I share this feeling for many farmers and if we have to sign it is with a heavy heart.  A signing in protest simply means that they are going to sign not because they are happy and pleased with the agreement, they are singing again with a heavy heart, it is the last thing we have to do we have no other alternative and we need the crop to start.  Given the circumstances we have been force to do this ad the farmers understand this that there is no other organization out there that can probably organize the harvesting, the BSCFA has 55 years in existence, the delivery system that they have in place is not an overnight, it has grown, it has improved over 20/30 years and it continues to improve so it is not an easy thing it has evolved to where it is today and so they realized that no any other organization out there has this ability has the infrastructure in place, has the man power to do it so to avoid going to an Association and just failing it is just best that you stay at the Association and everything is set in place already.”

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