The current state of the Sugar Industry was widely discussed today during the opposition’s press conference. From the economic impact to political mileage, Leader of the Opposition, Honorable Francis Fonseca, fielded a number of questions from the media. All in all, the message was clear; the P.U.P is in full support of the cane farmers. The Party Leader also had a strong message for the Government of the day as he stated that while the Dean Barrow Administration knows fully well that signing an agreement, as is with BSI/ASR, will be a hard pill for cane farmers to swallow, he is shoving it down their throats.

Screen_Shot_2015-01-12_at_8.14.39_PMHonorable Francis Fonseca- Leader of the Opposition

“The crisis in the sugar industry for us in not an issue which we seek to exploit for any political advantage, our party condemns in the strongest possible terms the decision by Prime Minister Barrow and his UDP government to destroy this long establish partnership in the industry, Barrow and the UDP have abandoned the caneros and the Belizean people’s interest and have decidedly sided with the multinational ASR, just as the UDP abandoned the Mayan people in favor of US Capital in the south so too today they have turned their backs on the cane farmers, we all want the crop to start  we know that especially the farmers, we know how difficult it is for them, these are principled hard working people who take their personal responsibilities and commitments very, very seriously, the situation for them is made even so much more difficult when their partner in business BSI/ASR and their very own government are not there for them and in fact seeking to undermine them but I say to the caneros today, we say to the Belizean people today that we in the People’s United Party, we stand proudly and strongly with our cane farmers, we stand with you. The time comes when we publicly declare that we stand with our cane farmers, we stand with them now, we stand with them tomorrow and we will always stand with our cane farmers.”

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