With the nationalization of the Belize Electricity Limited and Belize Telemedia Limited by the Barrow Administration, there are those who believe that Governments next move should be to nationalize BSI/ASR in order to save the Sugar Industry. Now, the Prime Minister has stated that it’s easier said than done since they are not in a position to change the constitution and GOB does not have the requisite majority in the house. But for the PUP the nationalization of the factory is not something that should be put to rest just yet.

Screen_Shot_2015-01-12_at_8.14.39_PMHonorable Francis Fonseca- Leader of the Opposition

“We hope that that is not an option that has to be explored but we can’t take it off the table. The cane farmers are not, let’s be clear because some people seem to be a little confused, cane farmers are not employees of BSI/ASR, they don’t work for BSI/ASR they are partners with them in the sugar industry and I think that is fundamental difference in understanding between us in the People’s United Party and the present government under Mr. Barrow, he thinks that these are employees of BSI/ASR who are behaving bad and need to be scolded and they should get inline and sign the agreement these are partners in the industry, these people are on equal footing with anybody from ASR/BSI and they must be protected.”

The subject of foreign investment was also of much discussion today during the PUP press conference and while the party clearly stated that they welcome investors they also mentioned that it must be done under certain rules and regulations.

Honorable Francis Fonseca- Leader of the Opposition

“We know well Belize needs foreign direct investment, we welcome investors that is the long history of the People’s United Party we welcome investment into Belize but I say today in no certain terms very loudly and very clearly if ASR/BSI, if they cannot value and respect our cane farmers then let them go, let them go.  Our message today as the People’s United Party, as leaders of this party and I speak for all our leaders because we discuss this matter in our last meeting on Friday, our national executive meeting of standard bearers and our position is a strong united position, we stand 100% behind the cane farmers of this country and we condemn in no uncertain terms the actions of the Prime Minister of Belize and his government to undermine the national interest, to undermine our cane farmers and in so doing to undermine the very future of the cane industry.”

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