touristThe secret is out about Belize as 2014 statistics revealed a welcomed increase in overnight Tourist Arrivals to our shores, according to the latest statistics from the Belize Tourism Board. In October of 2014, Belize saw one million visitors into the country, including overnight and cruise arrivals which were two months earlier than the projected time. BTB reports that Belize has surpassed the elusive 300,000 overnight visitors mark. In 2014, statistics show that 321,220 overnight visitors were recorded which is equivalent to a 9.2percent increase when compared to last year, 2013. March 2014 was the highest month with the most overnight visits and an increase of 8.1% from last year. The month with the largest percentage change was April, with a 23% increase over 2013. April 2014, had 28,969 visitors while April 2013 had 23,555 visitors.

Visitors to our shores originate from North America which continues to be our largest market for overnight arrivals. Airport arrivals also saw a significant increase in 2014, with a 7percent increase over 2013. Like overnight arrivals, March saw the most visitors for 2014 with 30,754 airport arrivals and April saw the largest increase with 20.7percent more than in April 2013.

Turning into cruise arrivals, statistics show a very good report card despite the cancellations of 13 cruise ships. Cruise arrival for 2014 went up by 42.9percent; June saw an increase of 120.2percent followed by July with 106.8percent increase. In December 2014, despite two ship cancellations, the month saw the most passenger arrivals with 141,286 to our shores. And apart from the glowing report card on arrivals to Belize, the jewel was also recognized in several travel and leisure magazines around the world making it an outstanding year for the Tourism Industry.

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