Screen_Shot_2015-01-13_at_8.18.58_PMTonight cane farmers are closer to signing a commercial agreement with BSI/ASR even if some of them are doing so under duress. And while no date has been set for the crop to commence, there is one other impediment, the sugar roads which are currently in bad conditions and the current weather is not making it any easier.

Even if a date is set for crop, cane farmers will face a hard time when it comes to taking out their product from the fields. But all is good says Chairman of the Sugar Industry Control Board, Gabriel Martinez, because Government will come to the rescue.

Gabriel Martinez- Chairman, SICB

“I must say that in one of the meetings when the Prime Minister intervene with both parties the BSCFA and Belize Sugar Industries Limited that question came and he was prompt to answer that whenever there is certainty that a crop will start then the sugar roads will be priority.”

According to Martinez, he has received no official word from the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association or any other association for that matter indicating they are willing to sign the agreement with BSI/ASR.

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