BSUThe subject of the current sugar crisis has been dominating the media for the past weeks. But amidst all of it BSI/ASR has been quiet even when there has been called out many times and the publicity they have been receiving is nothing positive. Tonight though, the silence ended as the company issued an announcement. But the company did not come out on the defense, on the contrary they are informing the nation that following petitions made already by groups of farmers representing more than 400,000 tons of sugar cane to the SICB to be recognised and exercise their Constitutional right to enter into separate agreements with BSI to deliver cane for the 2015 crop, the process for signing agreements between BSI and these groups of farmers has now commenced.

According to BSI/ASR these agreements need to be signed by the individual farmers who form part of the respective groups of farmers who wish to settle independently with BSI and delivered to BSI to complete the signing process. At the end of the announcement, BSI states that it expects soon to have sufficient cane committed through agreements which would allow for the parties to then agree on a start of crop date.

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