On Tuesday the People’s United Party held a Press Conference in which they spoke vastly about the current Sugar crisis. Of course the opposition took the opportunity to lay blame squarely on GOB for not intervening in the negotiation of the commercial agreement between BSI/ASR and BSCFA sooner. For the P.U.P cane farmers have no other option but to now sign the agreement with BSI/ASR. So, basically it is being shoved down their throats since the leader of the nation has come out in favor of the powerful ASR. In the press conference Leader of the Opposition, Honorable Francis Fonseca stated that GOB should have stood beside cane farmers instead of with the international investor.

And today Attorney-General Wilfred Elrington responded to Fonseca’s comments by stating that a responsible leader does not hold the foreign investor hostage.

Wilfred-ElringtonWilfred Elrington - Attorney-General

“The sugar industry is one of the most important industries for the country of Belize. It provides us with a tremendous amount of our foreign exchange, revenue, employment…people in Pickstock are employed in the industry. The last thing our government would want to see is the industry leaving the country because everyone would be hurt in that eventuality, the cane-farmers included. So government has got to play a very delicate role. We have got to try to ensure that a reasonable and mutually acceptable agreement is arrived at. It is in no position to dictate to any of the parties any position that they should take. All it is there to do is to support them in trying to arrive at an amicable agreement.”

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