There is a newly elected Chairman foreseeing the functions and roles of the Orange Walk Technical High School Board and it is no other than Mayor Kevin Bernard. When we caught up with the Mayor today on his campaign trail, he stated that he plans to continue to look after the best interest of the students and faculty of the school.

kevinKevin Bernard – Newly elected Chairman, OWTHS Board

“The Board is there to guide and to set policies and look at the performance of the school and find way how to further improve the institution and what happened yesterday was of course we had the election, we had to elect the executive of the Board and so both myself and Mr. Emir Cruz were candidates and I was able to secure majority votes after two voting because at the first one we had a deadlock and then the second voting I was able to gain the majority votes and so it is my privilege to serve as Chairman of the Orange Walk Technical High School Board, I find it that as I believe as my school that I attended in high school I will give my all to ensure that the best come out of the school we have seen that as in performance has improved at Orange Walk Technical High School from way back as to when we attended the school I know that every year the school looks at innovative ways in trying to do things I know there has been very much further improvements in the IT section and so forth so it is a privilege for me to have been elected as the Chairman and so I am willing to serve and that is my intention.”

Bernard will serve a two year term as Chairman of the school board.

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