On Sunday January 18th, the electorate in the Orange Walk East Constituency will come out en masse to exercise their voting rights in the People’s United Party Convention between newcomer Josue Carballo and veteran Dave Burgos. Both candidates are aspiring to be the elect standard bearer for the PUP in the constituency for the upcoming General elections. And while Dave Burgos has been relatively contested, his fellow opponent is relatively new to the political arena. Mayor Bernard told us his support is with the much younger and vibrant Carballo Camp.

kevin1Kevin Bernard – Newly elected Chairman, OWTHS Board

“I wish both of them well, I can tell you categorically though that Josue has worked with me when I was President of the National BYM, Josue worked along with me building the bus stops at the Santa Martha School, at the Palmar areas, Josue has worked with me as a colleague professionally, Josue has also worked with me in the Council as a colleague in 2009 and now under my leadership as Mayor and Josue have always from ever since I know him, have always pushed for things when it comes to the Orange Walk East area, for development to work for the Orange Walk East Area along with his other colleagues but I can tell you that I personally don’t vote in Orange Walk East but I morally support my colleague and I am giving all my support to Josue and I ask the residents who are coming out to come out and give the support to Josue but at the end of the day we are all PUP’s and those who will come out and support Dave I tell them lets come and bring one big PUP family at the Louisiana Government School and let the best man win and we will continue to work with whoever win at the end of the day.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“And that best man how do you think will fair off against son of the east, Elodio Aragon?”

Kevin Bernard – Newly elected Chairman, OWTHS Board

“Whichever candidate wins the PUP will deliver the Orange Walk East I can guarantee you that.”

Voting is scheduled to take place at the Louisiana Government School and polls open at 8:00am.

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