Screen_Shot_2015-01-19_at_8.55.35_PMOn the morning of January second this year, the house rented by BSCFA CEO Oscar Alonzo was set on fire. Most of Alonzo’s property was destroyed, and police have still not closed that case which was believed to be arson or burglary. At the time of the blaze, Alonzo was on vacation and was informed of the fire by his colleagues. On Sunday, he shared his sentiments of the incident stating he hopes it was merely coincidental that the fire occurred at a critical and tense time for the association.

Oscar Alonzo- CEO, BSCFA

“It’s so strange that it happens two days before the last but I wouldn’t like to speculate, I think it is in the hands of the police to see what occurred, nothing intentional means of trying to intimidate myself or the farmers and we hope that it is not that and I hope we are not moving in  that direction, I think we are still a democratic and free country that we can express our views and sentiments and take position without being having to look our shoulder and expect some sort of violence would occur.”

Police are still investigating the fire.

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