As we mentioned before, the BSCFA continues to be riddled with problems of its own outside the negotiations with BSI, some of which were perhaps born from these negotiations. Even with the negotiations concluded, the process has left some farmers bitter and who have publicly called for the removal of several officials in the association. Some of these include Alfredo Ortega, Javier Keme, Oscar Alonzo and Ezequiel Cansino even. At Sunday’s meeting, at least one farmer called for the removal of some of these individuals although the matter was not pursued further in at the meeting. It is not the first time however and when asked about this, Alonzo and Cansino this is what they responded.


Oscar Alonzo

“We are an association that respects the views and the decisions of all members, if that is his view I respect it and I think the membership know what type of person I am and the work I do and the response I bring to them and I do not have anything against that resolution that is his right and it is the farmers that decide and I will respect whatever decision I make and I am confident with what farmers have seen what I have been trying to do and they will interpreted it in their own way.”

Screen_Shot_2015-01-19_at_8.55.29_PMEzequiel Cansino

“We have to understand that we have to expel someone especially a director, it is their own branches that have to do that move it is not the BSCFA, maybe we can demote them but it is the branch that have to expel them in that way.”

Cansino adds that once such matters are tabled to the general assembly, the majority also has the say but in this time around, no one’s head was placed in the guillotine.

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