Screen_Shot_2015-01-20_at_8.20.28_PMWe have followed the development taking place at Muffles High School over the last few months and today we can tell you that the institution boasts of a new auditorium, which though not fully completed, was used for the first time by the entire school faculty and students.

In what the school calls a soft launching, they held their first activity this morning at the auditorium that sits within the school compound. Following a brief ceremony the ribbon was cut and the building blessed by Father Oliver Smalls. The project is being overseen by the Building Committee consisting of Rosendo Urbina Sr., Armando Vldez, Alvaro Alpuche and the Chair of the committee, Manuel Martin.

Manuel Efrain Martin – Chair, Building Committee

“It gives me great pleasure that now the kids, something that probably you nor I never did enjoy something like this at Muffles, but the kids at least have somewhere they can go, somewhere safe within their campus, somewhere they won’t get wet, they won’t get expose in putting up tents here and there and all of this and with that in mind is how we got together and said this must be done for the school and the first thing that came up is where the money come from, we’ll let me tell you, the people of Orange Walk, the merchants of Orange Walk, cooperated so much that here we have what is going on.”

Also sharing in the occasion this morning with the faculty and students were members of the board of management. Chair of the Board, Sister Mercy Cervantes describes the occasion as joyous.

Sister Mercy Cervantes – Chair, Board of Management

“Oh! I think, it is joyous, glorious and full of gratitude for all the people that have worked hard to see it a reality and proud for the people of Orange Walk because they have contributed generously and I hope they will continue to contribute for the future and development of Muffles because it helps to develop Orange Walk and the country of Belize.”

Students shared in a morning out of class under the new facility. Sister Cervantes says she hopes that these students, or at least a few of them, follow in the footsteps of the very men who have overseen the construction of the auditorium as they were themselves once students of the institution they have lent their assistance to.

Sister Mercy Cervantes – Chair, Board of Management

“I hope that they are full of gratitude and that in later years they will follow the example of the building committed in men who work to make this possible, I hope that continues and I hope these young men and women that are here now that fifty years from now will follow in their footsteps to enhancer Orange Walk, to enhance education and in values in mercy education.”

The school administration hopes to fully inaugurate the facility in February.

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