Our coverage of the House of Representatives ends with a snippet from Member for Fort George, Honourable Said Musa who also was stern but composed on his points to the Amendments of the Sugar Industry Act. Musa made reference to Hitler as he chastised GOB’s move as a dictatorship type of leadership for the country. This comes after of course, Barrow called him “senile” in the honourable House.

Screen_Shot_2015-01-20_at_8.20.48_PMHonourable Said Musa – Member for Fort George

“For the Prime Minister to tell this nation, well yes maybe they could have set it and maybe the court could have ordered it. But how can the court order anything to be done when the court doesn’t have an army, doesn’t have a police to inform it? Mister Prime Minister last time I heard that said it was by Hitler in Nazi, Germany…that the courts don’t have no power, only the government. We have the political power. That is the clear sign of this country sliding into a dictatorship. Yes it is a historic day today because the Government is now really revealing all its fangs. The Government you see has sat by an allowed this transnational company ASR, the largest sugar producer in the world to humiliate, insult and oppress the cane farmers of this country. All this delay could have been avoided; all this depression in the north could have been avoided if the government would have stood up on the side of the people from day one instead of siding with ASR to the detriment of cane farmers of this country. The net result is that they have succeeded in destroying the BSCFA why because they believe that the majority of the cane farmers in the management were members or supporters of the opposition. I listen keenly to the Honorable Prime Minister even when he called me senile, I listen to him. Well Mr. Prime Minister, I may be getting too old for this business, I may be, but I am old enough to know that when I see a liar, I will have to point him out. I am old enough to know when I see a manipulator, I have to point him out and I am old enough to know that all their ingenuity and disingenuity that you may come with Mr. Prime Minister will not allow the Belizean people to be fooled."

It is of note that after Musa’s presentation, all members of the opposition, walked out of the National Assembly and met with those that were outside protesting for the equal rights for all farmers.

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