With just 43 days more to go for Municipal Elections, candidates vying for a spot at the various municipalities across the country are out in full swing, campaigning around the clock. In Corozal Town, David “Dido” Vega, from the People’s United Party, is aspiring for the Mayoral seat.  Today reporter Victor Castillo caught up with Vega on the campaign trail who beamed with confidence as he claimed victory.

Screen_Shot_2015-01-21_at_8.01.58_PMDavid Vega – Aspirant for Mayor

“I am confident that on March 4th the people will make a change and they will vote for a new dynamic town council which will be represented by myself as Mayor, and the rest of the councilors, I have no doubt the people are yearning for a change and that will serve the needs of all, I want to say for the record that this government is about UDP’s first, Belizean second and PUP last but I want to remind the people that there is a time for politics, there is time for debate there is time to be critical but after elections are finished we must represent all Belizeans more importantly in my case we must represent all people from Corozal town.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter


“How has the campaign trail for you?”

David Vega – Aspirant for Mayor

“It has been very good and I can tell you and the thing I enjoy most about politics is meeting the people and going to their homes and listening to their concerns and I will say it again politics is a serious business and politicians are supposed to be there to find solutions to people problems so the campaign has been good and I can tell you that my is to reach in front of every home and to listen to all of their concerns and at the end of the day we want to make decision that will benefit all Corozalenos.”

With his experienced gained after taking part in two conventions, Vega believes he has the upper hand when it comes to meeting Corozaleños.

David Vega – Aspirant for Mayor

“I strongly believe in god and in destiny and if this is what the people want me to do want me to serve as their Mayor then I’ll take up challenge but it helps me because you know I have been in two conventions and now I will be in a major municipal elections and this gives me more opportunities to meet our people and basically speaking I have been walking the tow three times because I have been on three elections which is good because I sense that the people are now know who David Vega and what his plans are and what we will bring about through the People’s United Party and I am confident that on March 4th the people will make a change.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“If elected as Mayor of Corozal town what would be the first thing that would be your priority to address as the new Mayor of Corozal town?”

David Vega – Aspirant for Mayor

“Well, one of the biggest things that we need to do is to try as much when we form office is for the town board to become autonomous in terms of the works that it has been done, when we get into the office we are going to see what revenues we are dealing with and we are going to air mark them, we are going to appropriate them so that we can benefit all Corozalenos, one of the biggest things of the dry that we hear from the people is the conditions of the streets, this Mayor for nine years had the opportunity to fix that and one of our main goals will be that when we get into municipal government we are going to air mark the monies so that we can develop our town in being autonomous and I want to say kudos, I want to say Kevin Bernard has does that for the Orange Walk Town Council and we need to learn from those things.”

For part of Vega’s team are aspiring councilor candidates Orlando Iglesias, Estevan Pasos, Mia Rancheran, Yvette Riverol, Enrique Vargas and Zeni Perdomo.

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