BSCFA-1-0003Tonight, sugar industry stakeholders are breathing a sigh of relief as the date for the much anticipated start of the 2014/2015 cane crop has been announced. All stakeholders including the three associations (BSCFA, the Corozal Sugar Cane Producers Association and the Progressive Sugar Cane Producers Association), along with Minister of Agriculture Honourable Gaspar Vega, representatives of the Sugar Industry Control Board and members of BSI/ASR, met around the discussion table this afternoon to collectively agree on date for the start of crop. After hours of deliberations, Chairperson of the SICB, Gabriel Martinez, told the congregate that a statement of commitment was signed by all parties involved, signalling the much anticipated commencement of the sugar crop.

Gabriel Martinez – Chairperson, Sugar Industry Control Board

“As newly constituted by the recent sugar cane act and the parties present here namely the three Associations along with BSI/ASR and our Deputy Prime Minister have agreed that the start of the 2015 sugar cane crop should be on Monday January 26th at 10am. The SCPC wants to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone who has work tirelessly to come to this moment here and we are so happy to be able to pronounce this date as agreed by the stakeholders we wish all the caneros a productive and a blessed sugar crop 2015.”

We’ll have more on the Sugar Industry in tomorrow’s newscast.

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