In 2014, Prime Minister Dean Barrow, in one of his press conferences, said that the rehabilitation of the San Estevan/Progresso Road would see completion by the middle of 2015. So far, no significant work has been seen along the road. It appears that there is still some issues in getting the work started but CEO in the Ministry of Works, Errol Gentle says that communities along the road should see some relief this year.

errolErrol Gentle – CEO, Ministry of Works

“At a snail’s pace certainly not at my liking at all, it is certainly not advancing as the government would like to and I am certain as the road users here in Orange Walk would like from the inception we had certain problems that we tried to rectified and we are working with the contractor, at this moment we are discussing the way forward but what I can assure you and you can take my word for it I haven’t lied to you before that road will be completed because I can’t give you a when but it will be complete and you will works started that road in fact the last meeting we had with the contractor he assured that he had to gone out there and he had to do some grading again to improve the riding quality of the road but it is in the best interest of the government of Belize, the ministry of works want that work to be completed, the EU is also adamant that will see some progress so you will see progress very shortly and that road will be moved on unfortunately yes we are behind schedule but it will not be abandoned the road will be completed.”

No date has been set for the commencement of the rehabilitation of that road.

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