IMG-20150126-04620There was a disruption in the flow of traffic on the Belize Corozal Road, near the entrance to Orange Walk Town involving two heavy duty trucks, shortly after the lunch this afternoon. From what we have been able to gather, the Town Council’s Compactor Truck experienced some mechanical problems with its brakes and collided with a truck from off Denny Grijalva’s camp. According to Mayor Kevin Bernard the matter is been dealt with by the police and the insurance company.

Kevin Bernard – Mayor, OWTC

“One of our compactor trucks, the blue compactor truck had an incident with traffic where it collided with an incoming vehicle from the highway and I understand that the driver had attempted and it seems that it was a brake failure on our truck so and it so happen that unfortunately it hit the back of the dumper truck that was transporting materials that is been taken in the lower Marcus Canul Area where Mr. Grijalva is trying to put down some material there but he issue is being dealt with I mean our truck is insured an license and so the matter has been taken to the police and we are going to settle through the insurance.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“What is the extent of the damages?”

Kevin Bernard – Mayor, OWTC

“From what I saw our truck had a bumper damage and a broken light in the front and I understand that the hydraulic hose was raptured but in terms of the dumper truck from what I could see I saw where the back wheel of that truck was basically damage and the area that holds the two wheel together that is where I saw the damage on that truck but of course is two heavy duty equipment and so any impact of whatever nature would cause severe damage.”


The total estimated cost of the damages is unknown at this time.

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