Its election season and already the political fanfare of signs, banners and party flags decorate each and every street and periphery in Town. With only weeks away from the Municipal elections, you may have also observed the aspiring candidates going house to house in an effort to get to know the electorate and their needs as well asking for their support. And while much political machinery is being put out by both camps, over the weekend, road works were carried around the Marcus Canul Area. Heavy duty trucks and loads upon loads of white marl were thrown on the Streets and according to Mayor Kevin Bernard, it wasn’t his doing but that of Denny Grijalva, aspiring candidate for the UDP in Orange Walk Central. But where are we getting at you may ask? We spoke to Mayor Kevin Bernard and asked for his reaction to the movement, where he welcomed the works being done but reminds residents that it is simply a political tactic.

Screen_Shot_2015-01-26_at_7.47.55_PMKevin Bernard – Mayor, OWTC

“We were in the area working last week and I think it was until Friday we saw trucks and graders started to go into the same areas where we were but little more at the back in the Marcus Canul Area, so it is just obvious I believe as usual politics starts to play in these times of the year whenever elections are coming close you see all kind of people popping up wanting to do work for the community but this council has been working ever since in those area in fact I can tell in early 2013 when that same area was totally damaged in terms of ran we had to go in there and do a lot of work in that area and we work along with the Area Rep. for Orange Walk Central so what Mr. Grijalva is doing is simply adding on to what we have done and I do not block progress I think that at the end of the day if he wants to invest the taxpayers money into our town then let him continue to do so because we obviously know where those monies coming from he is not doing it form his own pocket because similar to what happen to Benque Viejo Street, when he paved that street we ended up with the bill now so I hope that he does not bring a bill to the Orange Walk Town Council but at the end of the day like I said if he wants to continue to work in the area we welcome progress and at the end of the day he is doing something for the community but I wonder if I will see him after March 4th and that is my biggest question.”

And while it has been sensationally reported that Money wins Elections in Belize, we asked Mayor Kevin Bernard for his opinion on that impression.

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“How does a cash trap council compare to the Petro Caribe giants out there as the opposition?”

Kevin Bernard – Mayor, OWTC

“We have been working, like I said we have been putting down prudent measures I the council and that is what have allowed us to be able to work, I mean the Petro Caribe giants as you put it, where we know the care takers and all these people that are getting all the funding from government and the help and the support unlike the council who has not gotten any additional support other than the subvention from Central government we continue to work and to look where we can improve in terms of streets, and so we will continue to do that we have find ways in terms on how to improve on our collections and how to reinvest those monies right back into our community, this council is serious and committed to do that and we will continue to do so come after March 4th we will be reelected and we will continue to serve the people.”

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