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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:33
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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:47
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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:56

Screen_Shot_2015-01-26_at_7.48.02_PMBack to politics, another issue brewing in the Orange Walk East constituency is regarding lands from the Little England area where according to Mayor Kevin Bernard the opposition is playing political mischief. We asked Mayor Bernard to dispel rumors and set the record straight regarding these subdivided lots.

Kevin Bernard – Mayor, OWTC

“I want to make it absolutely clear that we don’t own any property in terms of Little England, we don’t own much property any at all other than what we manage and so forth and so we recently wend to clear up Little England after many complains of the residents that we have sent clean I before but we decided to go in and we have other plans but what I understand because a resident came to me and the team was saying that they are writing up names to give people these land and that they are claiming that the council is taking these lands and that we own them and what they will do when they get into office and they will give out these lands, first of all, it is just a mockery of the people that they are taking because these lands have been subdivided, I have information that these lands I understand from within the same natural resources, there in the lands department had been given land from that Little England area and so when the UDP team is trying to go around and trying to fool the people we are not paying attention to that but I just wanted to make sure that the people understand that it is totally false, totally untrue and that we don’t own any land in this town, the council manages certain areas, parks and public spaces that is what we manage but at the end of the day Little England is a subdivided area and it is own by people I understand majority of the people from the lands department has a property in that area.”

With little over a month left before the Municipal Elections, the political machinery is out and in full force and so we asked Mayor Kevin Bernard about his political campaign and what the reception has been like for his camp.


Kevin Bernard – Mayor, OWTC

“We are now back in central doing some campaigning as well, we have been going house to house and the feedback has been very, very positive for this team and the people know that we have been working, the people know that there is a lot more to do and as we going around we continue to listen to more concerns that people may have and see how best we can address them but at the end of the day the end result will see us reelected because the people have said you have work with the little that you have and I think that it has given us that edge that and we know that the UDP has been trying to stuff all the constituencies like the Otro Benque area with people that are even living in those addresses but I can tell you many of these people will still not vote for them at the end of the day the people of Orange Walk Town will come out in numbers and vote and I ask the people come on March 4th come out and don’t be afraid don’t worry about victimization about any government at the end of the day this is the start and we need to show the government that we need a change and we need to change the central government but it could only happen if we reelect a PUP council that will continue to work for the people of this town.”

It is of note that the while streets remains the number one concern of the residents, in this term the PUP Town Council has achieved 92% of their aspirations from their 2012 Manifesto.

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