MAGDALEONIE_TZUL_CAUGHTA wanted resident of Corozal Town who has absconded from the police for over a year has finally been caught and arrested. According to the situation report, 30 year old Can Jin Chen of 5th Avenue reported that on July 25th 2014 about 9:00pm he secured his white in color Toyota Highlander SUV L/P CZL-C-03333 which he left parked in front of his business place and on 26th July, 2014 about 7:50am he discovered that his vehicle was broken into. The following items were stolen (1) MP3 player value $30.00bcy (1) USB flash drive value $30.00bcy and (1) Duralast brand vehicle battery value $300.00bcy all to a total value of $360.00bcy. A video footage was retrieved and the suspect was known as 50 year old Magdaleonie Hortencio Tzul, Laborer of 'G' Street South, Corozal Town who after several operations was finally apprehended on Friday January 23, 2015 by Corozal QRT. He was charged for the crimes of theft from motor vehicle and damage to property. He appeared before Magistrate Hurl Hamilton and was offered bail in the sum of $2,500.00 and to appear before the court in April 2015. The court prosecutor made strong objections to bail but was unsuccessful.

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