Screen_Shot_2015-01-27_at_8.14.40_PMShortly after the school bell rang at 11:30 today, students from the Presbyterian Primary School on Tate Street rushed home for their daily lunch break. Things almost took a tragic turn when an infant two student was brushed and almost severely hurt in a traffic mishap. From what we have been able to gather, a pickup driven by the owner of an Asian bread factory was commuting on Holy Trinity Street and soon after the child ran across the street and was brushed by the vehicle. But while the child did not suffer much injury other than being shaken up, the driver rendered assistance and took the child to the Hospital, just to make sure. Checks made at the school late this evening revealed that the boy was healthy, alive and kicking as he played with his companions at the school campus. The area though is of concern to many parents since it is a school zone and should have the proper safety measures in place so as to avoid these incidents from occurring in the future.

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