The sugar crop has started and while the operations remain relatively the same, there are new changes within the industry. The biggest being the registration of two more new associations and the amendments to the sugar act to support these associations.  Of course these amendments are long overdue since the court had ruled the changes be made since 2010. Still, stakeholders within the industry have been vocal about the need to further amendments to the sugar act. Yesterday, International Relations for ASR Mac McLachlan told the media there is a need for this to happen as it is an important part in the continued development of the sugar industry.

Screen_Shot_2015-01-27_at_8.15.11_PMMac McLachlan  - International Relations for ASR

“Everybody would agree in the industry including the government that we need fundamental reforms to the sugar act in due course, those reforms can’t take place immediately I think it would be sensible to have full stakeholder engagement in those reforms so that they can feel that they own whatever comes out of that process in the end and I think what happened before as the Prime Minister said it was basically to implement the changes that the Supreme Court  has ask the government to make but I think an important part on looking at the future is how the sugar act can be amend ended to ensure that it putting regulation where regulations needed and taking regulation away where is not needed to enable the industry, this is a private industry to move forward the best way for in the industry stakeholders and that is not something that is going to happen today or tomorrow I believe that would be a part of the discussion of the strategic Development Plan.”

In the time being, McLachlan says much has been achieved, hoping the players see beyond current divisions within the industry and work towards an improved future.

Mac McLachlan  - International Relations for ASR

“What we’d like to do is to get moving forward from division and misinformation on to a point where we coincide around progressive ideas and thinking about the future and I believe that one of the major elements of this agreement is in fact not what is in it but is the fact what is attached to it is a commitment from all sides of the industry now to work on a strategic development plan for the future, I believe that once we sit around the table and talking about those different issues the atmosphere will be a good one, constructive one and that we are going to be able to move together.”

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