Screen_Shot_2015-01-28_at_8.26.38_PMAnd while the school’s administration is putting in measures to avoid any future misfortunes, the Ministry of Education is also involved and concerned over the safety issues of the children. Today, we spoke with District Education Manager for Orange Walk, Carla Alvarez to weigh in on the situation.

Carla  Alvarez – District Education Manager, OW

“Yes we are concern as I know that most parents are and I think that we need to be more vigilant at all times I would say but I see that the parents, because I visited the school where the incident allegedly happened and I spoke to the Principal and certain measures are put in place by the school but also we want to ask the authorities, the police to be a little bit more vigilant especially around schools and especially around break time and lunch time because when it is extremely business and we tend to think that nothing can happen and this is when things are more likely to happen so we continue to encourage the parents to ensure that their children are if they cannot drop off their children personally that the child is dropped off at school with somebody that they trust and that they have a good working relationship with the school, with the Principal, the teacher and all of this is important and I want to ask the teachers and the schools to please try as much as possible not to be giving project to students that require students to meet in groups and after classes and or at somebody’s house because it is easier for us to prevent than to be sorry of some incident taking place so I think that all of us need to be very cautious and be very vigilant and if there is something that anybody sees out there whether it be a parent even a student, a child, report it to the relevant authorities because you don’t know that might be the clue that we are looking for, you I mean, we can’t say for sure at this point but there is yes an incident that took place yesterday and on Monday and we have to be very careful so.”

Alvarez also reiterated that once the child has stepped into any school’s compound, they become the responsibility of the School and vice versa, whenever the children are out, then they are the responsibility of the parent. Since the two isolated incidents, police presence around schools has been stepped up.

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