Screen_Shot_2015-02-02_at_7.47.45_PMIs Doctor Marco Tulio Mendez going to be criminally charged and if yes, what will those charges be and when will they be levied against him? That is the hot burning question tonight which no one seems to be able to answer not even his attorney Dickie Bradley who expected for his client to be charged today. What we understand is that police have not prepared a charge sheet for Mendez despite recording statements from the alleged victims. Since early last week the Orange Walk East Area Representative has been on the hot seat after allegations of unbecoming sexual behavior were made against him.


Doctor Mendez has denied those allegations stating to the Leader of the Opposition that if in fact any such allegations do materialize, he intends to defend and protect his name and reputation vigorously. The report, as we are told, has been investigated by the Department of Human Services who in return has handed over their findings to the Orange Walk Police Department who has launched an investigation of their own. But the question remains, when will Mendez be charged? While reports suggested that he would be hauled into court today that did not happen. According to Mendez’s Attorney, he is expected to be charged for more than one offense. We will keep following this story and bring you the developments as they unfold.

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