Since they took office in 2012 the Orange Walk Town Council has been tackling the issue of streets and drains. Working with the limited resources available the Town Council, managed to pave and upgrade some of the worst streets across the municipality and even cemented some major intersections. But as the old saying goes, “The work never stops and there is always more that needs to get done.”

When it comes to infrastructure, including streets and drains, the council has a set plan to continue improving the town’s infrastructure.

josueJosue Carballo- Councilor

“Your Orange Walk PUP Town Council will; raise funds from a 5 million municipal bond offered to pave and upgrade major streets within our town; we shall work with a new PUP central government to be installed to raise another 5 million to continue the paving and upgrading of more street; we shall continue concreting major road intersections within key areas of our beloved town; we shall develop a comprehensive drainage plan that will address drainage issues affecting our town and bringing technology, conduct a light detection arrangement study to support flooding mitigation and resilience in our municipality and identify funding to implement such a plan. Your PUP Town Council will continue with the citizen town partnership projects to further improve the infrastructure in our town and neighborhood areas; we will continue to work with the police department, citizen policing and neighborhood watch groups to keep Orange Walk safe; we will involve more participation from the community in special adhoc committees that oversees the development of the town; we will ensure that the current zoning system in enhance in order for councilors and the Mayor to be more visible and accessible to all our residence and that is a commitment we all have made; we will continue to conduct neighborhood meetings in order to listen and to provide feedback on the works of the council.”

More funds will also be injected in the area of parks and playgrounds.

Ian Cal- Councilor

“Your PUP Town Council will; hire responsible park wardens for Central Park to ensure the proper use and maintenance of our park; we will work closely with the Special Constable Police Unit to keep peace and order in our public spaces; we will continue to involve the community in the planning and upkeep in the neighborhood parks; we will upgrade and maintain neighborhood parks; we will construct the Ramon Cervantes Sr. Park in the Pasadita Area; we will upgrade existing parks at the San Lorenzo Housing Site and officially name it the Polo Briceno Recreational Park; we will develop the Riverside Recreational Park and we will also enhance the Independence Plaza to a more modern facility.”

We will have more on the contents of the manifesto in tomorrow’s newscast including what is in line for our dearly departed.

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