Screen_Shot_2015-02-02_at_7.48.34_PMOn Sunday afternoon, a specially designed mural was inaugurated on Arthur Street in Orange Walk Town. The project is entitled “Light up Rotaract” and one spearheaded by the Rotaract Club in Orange Walk Town and it’s a first in the country. President of the Club, Clarissa Ozaeta says it could not have been possible without the help from the community at large.

CLARISSA OZAETA – President, Rotaract Club, OW

“The project was brought out last year and they introduced to us to do something like a “Before I die Wall”, like things you want to accomplish before you die, however we cannot use the words “Before I die wall” due to the fact that our theme is light up rotary so we would be contradicting our rotary theme, so our wall is Rotaract Spotlight; each bubble that is seen on the wall is a cost of ten dollars, you pledge a statement, you have fifteen characters so maybe you would ask for pink is woman or something to that effect or maybe things that you want to do skydiving, am not sure, but we have Live, Love Lost stuff like that, that you want to put up on the wall, this is part of our town and all proceeds goes to our books and mobile community service, these books and mobile we will be giving it out to mainly the community of San Luis, the school but we would also like to do a movement that why is name books and mobile, so maybe we would like to move the books that are in San Luis to maybe Fire burn and the books that are in Fire burn to San Luis we would do an interchange with them, on March 9th to 14th we want to work on this books and mobiles, it is Rotary and Rotaract week and this is where we will do week of events and this is where we will be collecting our books.”

Anyone interested in pledging a bubble, the cost is ten dollars and all the proceeds are invested back into the community specifically the books and mobile community service program.

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