Apart from property taxes, revenues collected from the Transport Department are one of the major financial boosts for the Orange Walk Town Council.  Since they took office in 2012 the town council has transformed the traffic department. Motorcycles have been bought, a new driver’s license and motor vehicle system has been set in place and have even obtained new equipment to assist with the monitoring of traffic regulations. But the there is no doubt that the community is growing and it requires a comprehensive plan to address traffic related issues and that is exactly what the council intends to do.

joseJoe Urbina- Councilor

“Our rapidly expanding community requires a comprehensive plan to address traffic related issues, your PUP town council will; aim to regularize the taxi industry in Orange Walk town in order to have a more level playing field; enforce local traffic regulations to ensure orderly and safe traffic; broaden the representation of key stakeholders in the Municipal Transport Committee; identify new parking areas in down town Orange Walk; renovate the traffic department to offer more comfortable and improve services to our residents.”

The council also intends to tackle the area of Women Affairs and Social Issues.

Rozel Arana- Councilor

“Families are an integral part of our community and it is crucial and imperative that they are involve in all level of governance and development, women are the backbone of our society, your PUP town council will; promote the PUP national agenda on women and making them part of the decision making process by encouraging more women participation in the subcommittee of the council, continue to promote programs for single mothers, support our elderly at the Helpage center and support feeding programs for the needy children at schools.”

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