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Following being criminally charged for 6 counts of aggravated assault of an indecent nature yesterday, Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez’s fate now rests in the hands of the judicial system. He is scheduled to go back to court on the 13th of April and this morning the same date was given to another high ranking politician who appeared at the Orange Walk Magistrates Court to answer to traffic related charges.

Incumbent Area Representative for Orange Walk Central, John Briceno appeared in court to face charges on traffic offenses filed against him by Christopher Hendricks the driver of Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega. As reported last night Hendricks is accusing Briceno of driving over his foot with his gold Prado. The incident is said to have occurred on January 22nd, as Briceno was driving out of the Belize High School of Agriculture compound after attending a function.

This morning, a decent crowd of supporters gathered around the court to show support for Briceno. The media caught up with him as he exited the court where he told us that while evidently the move is an intimidation tactic by the Unite Democratic Party, he is unfazed and there is no truth to the trumped up charges against him.

Screen_Shot_2015-02-04_at_9.17.49_PMHonourable John Briceno – Charged with Traffic Offenses

“I think that today in my opinion is a sad day for Belize where you can see a political party using the courts of Belize to try to intimidate people, I can tell you that there is absolutely no truth to what Mr, Hendrick is doing, I am a bit disappointed with the police department, I believe that the police have so many other important things to do as to follow up something that has been dictated by their political bosses, I can see the prince of the Deputy Prime Minister all over this trying to find trying to find a way to intimidate me and by extension the people of this country because they believe I think they want to send a message to the Belizean people that if you stand up against them they are going to do any and everything to go after you and by doing this I think that they are trying to ensure that Belizeans would more keep quiet about the injustices that are taking place in this country, if the police was so interested in justice, we need to ask the police why is it that the driver of the Deputy Prime Minister Mr, Christopher Hendricks was not charged and taken to court when his vehicle was driven by a minor and ran over a child two years and nine months on holy Thursday in 2014 that is what the police supposed to be looking at or after instead of going after me with these chump up charges, I want to make it abundantly clear that I am not intimidated I will not be intimidated I am going to continue to stand up for the good people of Orange Walk Central and by extension for the people of this country, I will not allow the political bosses of this country to continue to push around the citizens of Belize.”

Briceno was charged with negligent harm, failure to report an accident and driving without due care and attention. He will reappear in Court on April 13th where he says his name will be cleared.

Honourable John Briceno – Charged with Traffic Offenses

“I am innocent. I drove in, I parked, I spoke to Mr. Hendricks and not for one minute of one second did Mr. Hendricks ever say that anything happened.  I spoke to him and then I went to the ceremonies.  Not at any moment did Mr. Hendricks say anything so what is there to answer?”

In court today Briceno was represented by Attorney David Moralez.

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