Yesterday after Doctor Marco Tulio Mendez was arraigned on six charges of aggravated assault in relation to allegations of unfitting conduct against two minors, the Orange Walk East Area Representative was immediately removed as chairman of the P.U.P’s Northern Caucus. The announcement was made People’s United Party via press release which also stated that Mendez was suspended indefinitely from all other Party related duties, responsibilities, and activities.

The release also highlighted the fact that Doctor Mendez has already stepped down from his position as the Standard Bearer for the Party in Orange Walk East and the Party has elected a new Standard Bearer in that Area in the person of Mr. Josue Carballo who has from the date of his election assumed full responsibility for the work of our Party in Orange Walk East.

Now Mendez has not indicated if he will step down as Area Representative. In fact there is no law that states that an elected member of the House of Representatives who is charged for an offence whether it is a summary offence in the Magistrate’s Court or an indictable offence in the Supreme Court, is required by law to resign or step down.

But if he does resign this will automatically pave the way for a bi-election causing a faceoff between P.U.P’s Josue Carballo and UDP’s Elodio Aragon Junior who is pushing for a bi-election.

Today we got an opportunity to speak with Carballo on the possibility of a bi-election. We bring his reaction and that Elodio Aragon Junior and John Briceno.

Screen_Shot_2015-02-04_at_9.17.59_PMJosue Carballo – PUP, Standard Bearer OW East

“I believe that whenever one offers themselves as a candidate for this great People’s United Party we have to be ready at any time, a general election can be called within a month or so and we have to be prepared and that is what we came her for our people know that we must continue the work of the party, especially officially I will continue be out to work of the people of the East and address their concern and start planning for the next general election and we are ready, we must be ready.”


“Sir, he is presume to be innocent but is there not fear that persons in the East will take offense to the PUP and punish you just because of this situation?”

Josue Carballo – PUP, Standard Bearer OW East

“The party has taken its official stands we know that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, it is a private matter so with all respect to Doctor Mendez, to his family and we are going to leave it to the court of law for that to be decided…

Elodio Aragon JR – UDP, Standard Bearer OW East

“He should do the right thing if he pledge to serve this community then the right thing for him to do is to resign and make the people of Orange Walk East make a decision as to who they would choose to represent this community and I want the people of Orange Walk East to know that I am here committed and dedicated to work for the people of the East and I am not here about us talking about what we will do am about getting it done and today is a testament of the commitment I have and the leadership I have in organization and getting things done for Orange Walk Walk East.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“If in the event that it would trigger a by election how do you think you would fare off with a much younger Josue Carballo?”

Elodio Aragon JR – UDP, Standard Bearer OW East

“Well you know I am not too old, but the truth of the matter is that I am very young and I think I have the experience the knowledge and the capability, the skill necessary and proven leadership to move the Orange Walk East constituency to greater heights, now definitely if Tulio Mendez is to give up his seat definitely we are ready and prepared for a by election and it is only a matter of time for that to happen I believe and we are poised and ready to ensure that UDP secures a UDP seat for Orange Walk East.”

Honourable John Briceno – Orange Walk Central Area Representative

“The PUP is strong in Orange Walk East and whenever the Prime Minister decides to call the general elections that the people of Orange Walk East they are going to vote for our new standard bearer who is Mr. Josue Carballo and I have every confidence that he will be elected when they call the elections.”

The electorate of the Orange Walk East constituency comprises of more than 7,000 voters.

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