Red_potato_makin_people_sick_3Reports from the Cayo District today revealed that visiting guests to Western Belize are falling ill and upon an intensive investigation revealed that the cause is said to be that of contraband, dyed potatoes being consumed. A release from the owner of the Maya Mountain Lodge, Bart Mickler says he has written to the Agricultural Coordinator for the Cayo district, Fay Garnett to report the matter.


He says and we quote, “ We would like to make a report to you of a serious breach of several laws in regards to produce sales in the Cayo District. We understand that you are the person in charge and able to direct our concerns to the appropriate agencies of government for action. We hope that the public can be made aware as well so that potential poisoning can be avoided” end quote.

Their investigation also revealed that this week was the start of the locally produced Belizean red Potatoe season and that many farmers look forward to profits from this crop and the protection the government gives them by closing the borders to competing foreign potatoes. But with our borders not fully protected, “Contrabandistas” are cheating the system and purchasing the white potatoes from Mexico and are dying them to make it look like a locally grown product.

Further research has revealed that practically no careful inspection for food safety is done on any imported produce either at the border or in the market. The most alarming information that surfaced is that spot checks done officially and privately using chemical analysis have revealed alarming levels in many Mexican imports.

The report ended stating that the Belizean consumer has no way of knowing that their family is exposed to these cancer causing agrochemicals at illegal levels and poses a dangerous offence in terms of health.

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