Screen_Shot_2015-02-05_at_7.51.12_PMWith only weeks away from the anticipated Municipal Elections, political machines have been revving in high gear as the countdown for decision day draws near. But who are the candidates and what do they have to offer to the community? That is what you will find out if you tune in tonight our new show “Meet the Candidates” which will air live from our studios. The show promises to be educational and informative and is being hosted by Dental Surgeon by profession, Dr. Carl Meggs. We caught up with Meggs today who told us that the show will primarily be centered on real issues and finding solutions for them.

Dr. Carl Meggs – HOST

“The show is not going to be a raga raga morning talk show calling names and slandering and all of that, it is informative and hopefully educational because we want to show topics and we want to show real solution to issues and problems that cause these issues to come about without having to get into name calling and all that there is enough room for education and there is a lot of young people out there and older folks who honestly does not understand governance and that is basically where it is coming from we want to reach out to those people who as the introduction of the show has Bob Marley singing Emancipate yourself from mental slavery and that is basically the jest of it, give people material and discuss it openly that they can understand and make their decision based on acquired knowledge.”

The show starts at 8pm, tune in and ‘meet the candidates’!

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