By the end of February of this year, the first sport international exchange between the Corozal Sports Council and the Campeche sports council will come to fruition. This is because an agreement between Carlos Acosta from the Corozal Sports Council, International Coordinator, David Magana, and president of the Lima Lama Association in Campeche, Candelario Ordonez Flores has been reached. Today we caught up with organizers who shared with us how it will work.

Screen_Shot_2015-02-05_at_7.51.19_PMCarlos Acosta – Sports Coordinator Corozal

“This exchange has been for a long time from 2001 that we have been doing the exchange with Campeche but this time we have met with the Federation, SAGAR, with the architect that is the President of the Federation of sports in Campeche and our planification for sports was to develop the Infantile which was the U10, college sports, karate, football, basketball, volleyball and baseball, these are the sports that we will be exchanging with Campeche in this year 2015, for the 27th and the 28th of February which is this month the Corozal Junior College will be travelling to Campeche to participate in an exchange program in football female/male, basketball female/male, volleyball female/male and baseball male and also the karate academy of Corozal will be going in this trip.”

In June, the two countries will sign on the agreement to make it official.

Carlos Acosta – Sports Coordinator Corozal

“Our agreement would be signed in June so that we can have our exchanges back and forth and what I can say is that the Federation of sports in Campeche has welcomed Corozal and the entire Belize who wants to participate, the contact is between the Corozal sports council and SEDAR Instituto de Deporte Campeche.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“Has the Sport council here in Corozal identified which teams r which schools will be participating?”

Carlos Acosta – Sports Coordinator Corozal

“For the moment I can tell you it is an open invitation for schools and for high schools and the first college that we are taking is the Corozal Junior College an like mentioned before also the Academy of karate that is here in Corozal.”

Acosta added that in the month of March, marching bands from Orange Walk Town will participate in the closing ceremonies.

Carlos Acosta – Sports Coordinator Corozal

“To add more to this we have been making contacts with the Carnaval organization of Campeche and there is a possibility that the Jump groups of Orange Walk will travelling on the 14th of March for the closing ceremonies at Campeche.”

Any school team that is interested in being part of the program is asked to contact Carlos Acosta at the Corozal Sports Council.

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