In last night’s newscast we told you about the progress of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association into recovery. While the association is currently conducting an inventory of all its assets in Orange Walk and Corozal, the organization is also working towards making amends with Fairtrade following the disbarment of six point five million dollars of Fairtrade premiums. Ezequiel Cansino says they continue to work towards launching the Child Labor project and other in an effort to stay in good standings with Fairtrade.

cansinoEzequiel Cansino

“We are planning on the child labor program and with the limited funds that we have we are trying to do other programs that we believe it will help us to convince the auditors that we are serious and that we are willing to keep with the standards of Fair-trade.”

Cansino says since the last letter send by Fairtrade they have not heard anything from Fairtrade officials. The Association is scheduled for audit in June this year.

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