Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s comments in reference to the allegation made against Doctor Marco Tulio Mendez did not sit too well with the People’s United Party. In a release issued today the P.U.P states that the PM’s comment was quote “very irresponsible”. We spoke with Dolores Balderamos Garcia who elaborated on the PUP’s sentiments on what the PM told the media.

Screen_Shot_2015-02-12_at_7.54.08_PMDolores Balderamos Garcia

“When you are dealing with very sensitive cases involving children and he allege abuse of children we all need to be very sensitive and we believe as the Prime Minister bothered to check with his wife, the Special Envoy for Children, she and her advisors could have said to him that we should never publicly identify the type of family relationship so that minor can be readily identified, we believe that it is not correct and as a matter of fact the media and all concerned especially people in human development and social work and persons who are in high places should know that these are basic guidelines that should guide the behavior of all of us so we are saying that is was insensitive and we believe that it was highly irresponsible for him to have made that kind of statement, now you might say to yourself, Belizean people might be asking is it anybody is going to know the relationship because Belize is very small well our answer to that is that it doesn’t matter, nobody should publicly especially told the media and especially in the high post that the Prime Minister is in should make that kind of statement that can identify an exact familiar relationship it can only serve to hurt the minors even more and everybody involve in this matter and many have given lip service but we believe that you can’t only give the lips service you have to walk the walk and remedy sensitive in your action so we have to be respectful of the family especially the children involved and we have also said as had been pointed out that this is a matter before the court and so this is our position and we will not hesitate to call out the Prime Minister when we believe that he has been insensitive and irresponsible, I believe that the Special Envoy said the right things but it is very unfortunate and even ironic that her husband the Prime Minister would venture down that kind of road without being careful and certainly that kind of insensitive in relation to this case which is before the court.”

The PUP release goes on to say that, quote, “Prime Minister Barrow has condoned and turned a blind eye to corruption and blatant wrongdoing within his government. If he has suddenly found his moral compass, then he should never have been so insensitive as to identify the said relationship for his own political purposes,” end of quote.

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