Screen_Shot_2015-02-12_at_7.54.37_PMThere are two days left to February fourteenth, a date for which quite a few Belizeans are making some big plans. Today however, a few celebrated the occasion a couple days early. We are talking about the members of the Orange Walk Help Age Center who were invited to an afternoon of games and some tea. Well over twenty elderly men and women joined in the fun afternoon and President of the Help Age Arcelia Leiva says the afternoon was definitely for the member to have some fun and a bit more.

Arcelia Leiva – President, OW Help Age

“The evening we had much fun, we had games, we had pin the heart on an elderly and we had some musical arms and pass the ball and these games it helps them to make movements to participate and to be active not to just sit and it is healthy that they can move around and we try to find games that are not harmful to them but at the same time they do some movement and exercise and at the same time they have fun, they interact with one another and that helps them and the comments they give is that they enjoy coming because they meet their friends whom they don’t see every day, I would want to take the opportunity to wish all those elderly who are not here with us we wish them well and we hope that the next time we have something that they  are able to come.”

Leiva says they hold an activity at least once a month for the members. They meet every third Tuesday of every month and play games with the members and also share a few snacks with them. Leiva says that the monthly gaming hour which start from two to four in the afternoon is open to any other interested senior citizen. All are welcome for the social events.

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