And while COLA President Giovanni Brackett spoke with the media this morning following the hearing of the case against Elvin Penner, he took the opportunity to share the organizations sentiment on the charges against Orange Walk  East Area Representative Doctor Marco Tulio Mendez who has been charged with six counts of aggravated assault against two minors. According to Bracket, COLA has issued a press release on the matter and asks that Doctor Mendez give a statement on the accusations that have been levied against him.


Oceana-AwardGeovanni Brackett, President, COLA

“Unlike other cases where COLA has been leaked documents for us to see the nature of the statements against individuals or the scenario, this has been quite different. We have not seen any statements. And what makes it a bit peculiar is that it involves minors. And as you would know in the media that we are commanded to be very sensitive under the different laws and we have to be very careful not to put children’s identities out there. But we want to make it very clear that COLA by no means has any tolerance for any act against children, and we’ll go even further, we not only find this allegation serious and disheartening, but when we hear stories of men in parliament who beat women, or men in parliament who use their position in ministerial posts to seduce young women for scholarships or for jobs, we find those things very disgusting and its left for the public to decide how much they will tolerate from men in parliament. There are numerous allegations of men in Government, who have impregnated minors, but we don’t have any evidence, and if we were to run all those allegations we would be filled with lawsuits. Whether it’s true or not, we can’t prove it. But we want to say that acts against women and children we take them very serious and we have zero tolerance for it and we do continue to call on the doctor to give a statement as the allegations are very serious and I thin whenever men in government who have been elected should actually come forward to give a statement it does not matter what part of an organization you are it is bear fitting that you give a statement.”


To date, Doctor Mendez has not made any public statement on the accusations that have been made against him.  He has only given an interview to Channel Five where he did not go into details of the case or the allegations made against him.

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