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Screen_Shot_2015-02-16_at_8.41.12_PMThe Government of Belize has implemented the National Health Insurance “NHI” program in Belize, Stann Creek and Toledo Districts,  that up to today’s date 36,000 persons on the Southside of Belize City benefit of the program that was established in 2003 following the pilot project in 2001 conceived by the People’s United Party.

Today residents of Corozal can boast that they have also been rolled into the NHI program. This morning in a short ceremony, Hon. Pablo Marin, Minister of Health, Dr. Peter Allen, CEO in the Ministry of Health, Manager of the Corozal Hospital Dr. Nelson Marin and Regional Director, Guadalupe Longsworth in the company of Corozaleños witnessed the inauguration of the much anticipated Poly Clinic 2 at the Corozal Community Hospital under the NHI program.

Dr. Nelson Marin – Manager at Corozal Community Hospital

“Starting today the building is officially launched and open thanks to the minister and CEO is here and the NHR representatives, now we make it official and now we will be having the system in place this week so everything that goes through NHI has a special system where it is recorded and registered; all the medical papers and all the controls because remember NHI working together with the ministry of health is to increase the preventative medicine, assist people not to get sick, how to get controls for the diabetics, the hypertensive, the asthmatics, the mother and child health from the maternity ward the whole control of the pregnancy and when the a baby is born to when it reaches its three years of age, the controls, vaccines, the formula of prevention and medicine is all going to be all about, so come to the country, come to the whole district together because this is something that is going to be growing and growing in due time and so we are going to start now here in Corozal starting giving the service and of course the quality of health because that is what we want to improve and if you notice the installations are now quite open and wider spacing areas for waiting areas, the condition here is more pleasant for the people and so the quality of attention is of course is 110% which is our goal.”

The Corozal Polyclinic II will be offering similar services as other NHI clinics across the country.

Dr. Nelson Marin – Manager at Corozal Community Hospital

“The whole thing would be linked with others specialties which is now the idea because as nurse comes in they have to help doctors visiting a certain time and the whole idea of NHI is to give a holistic attention; let say for example the diabetic that requires to be seen his eyes because one of the things of the diabetic is losing their eye sight so what is the way NHI links now is that they are going to be referring those diabetic patients to the eye clinic so the Specialist are going to be seeing their eye sight and having a complete attention now, if it require let’s say a person needs a ultra sound attention now that ultra sound attention comes with NHI and we can now access the hospitals to get the services and they will have that complete attention from the doctor attention, the technical attention and of course the specialist attention which is the whole idea.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“Now talking a little bit about the NHI, how many people will benefit from this National Health Insurance initiative program?”

Dr. Nelson Marin – Manager at Corozal Community Hospital

“The target population that we want to start off with is a 6000 target population within the Corozal District and of course as the months of by the population will increase until we target the whole district of Corozal and eventually we root out to the District of Orange Walk for full coverage.”

The polyclinic includes a reception booth, waiting area, nurse triage, two observation rooms and a dressing room. The present structure was constructed at an approximate cost of BZ$30, 000, and further expansion is expected over the next twelve months to include more rooms to accommodate all the services. But how is it that you apply for the NHI services? Doctor Nelson Marin explains.

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“How is it that people will need to sign up for this program?”

Dr. Nelson Marin – Manager at Corozal Community Hospital

“As soon as we have the system in place they will be coming to the hospital and that is where the system will come in, it points out that you will have to come with your Social Security Card as from the past and they will be at the data entry clerk, he is going to be getting all the information and then you will be getting your access information to NHI services so once you go within the catching areas we which at the moment Corozal and eventually will go to the whole district then you will come and have access to medical attention and access to laboratory services, access to imaging department and access to complete labs as well, will be having access to specialties; surgeon, gynecologists, ophthalmologist, internist all the main core specialist and all those packages within the NHI services.”


Approximately 16,000 residents from Corozal Town, Patchakan and ten outreach communities are expected to benefit from this expansion project. The Government of Belize is contributing approximately $1.5 Million Belize dollars for the first year of coverage for services in the north.

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