Screen_Shot_2015-02-17_at_7.57.23_PMYesterday we told you about a hit and run incident that left one Orange Walk teen dead and tonight, police are no closer to solving the puzzle of “who did it”.


As we reported, sometime around 6:45am police visited mile marker 61 where they saw 19-year-old Christian Javier Villalobos, Belizean of Narajal Street Louisiana Area, lying face up with head and body injuries apparently dead. Police have concluded that Villalobos was walking on the Highway when he was hit from behind by a vehicle traveling in the same direction which did not top to rendered aid.

A postmortem examination conducted yesterday revealed that his cause of death was certified as Tonsillar Herniation, fracture skull base with right cerebral subdural hematoma, blunt force trauma to the head consistent with “Road Traffic Accident”. Police continue to investigate their leads and are looking for what they say is a red pick-up truck.

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