Screen_Shot_2015-02-17_at_7.57.29_PMToday, four winners selected in the grand end of the year fuel promotion held at Shell One Stop Service Station walked into the service office to collect their prizes.


The promotion which is an annual event was kicked off on December of last year and closed on February of this year.


For every 30 dollars spent on Shell Fuel purchased at any shell gas station countrywide, customers received a coupon to fill out. This year, all winners hail from the Orange Walk District and we got to speak to the Sales Executive and some of the winners.

Sanjeev Poornananda – Sales Executive, SOL Belize Ltd

“It started on the 15th of December until the end of January and it is an annual promotion that we have our end of the year promotion and normally we would issue fuel prices to our winner and so this year we had basically a year supply of fuel for the first place winner, there were two second place winners and three third place winners of fuel and fortunately because of all the sales in the north we actually had four winners from the Orange Walk District this year.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“So cumulatively all together how much was given out?”

Sanjeev Poornananda – Sales Executive, SOL Belize Ltd

“The total fuel prices are about fourteen thousand dollars that has been issued and the lucky customers they don’t need to take that extended period to redeem their fuel so if they want fuel for a year, if you can consume that in one month that is up to you.”

Aaron Kerr – Winner

“This is my station that I usually come and full up and I encourage everyone to come and full up at shell one stop and this is the best gas station that you could find in the north and I encourage everyone to come and fill up right here at Shell One Stop.  I win $1200.00 in fuel and I will use this in my bus service and in times like these it comes very handy.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“Did you expect any at all?”

Maria Lino – Winner

“Well, we were surprised when my husband was called and he was told that he won the second prize and he got surprised. WE buy gas regularly for the Lamanai tours and we won the second prize which is $2600.00 in fuel and we are going to get it from Shell and we are very happy that shell is giving back to the people and it is going to help us a lot.”

Taking home first prize which is a year supply of fuel worth $5200 was Lisbet Burns.

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