Screen_Shot_2015-02-17_at_7.57.54_PMThere was a report made on one of the Belize City media last night about an icicle like formation on a tree branch in Ladyville Village which probably sent many Belizeans looking up their trees. Today, we report another strange looking formation on a tree in a family’s backyard that resembles the one featured in the media last night.


This time though, that was found in Orange Walk. The family did not want to comment on camera but they did say that they came across this white substance by accident. Someone was pinning some clothes out and felt water drops on her forehead and looked up. Upon closer inspection of the branches on this very tall fig tree, the woman spotted the limb which was dripping. Below, on the lawn, the drips have dampened bricks.


The family says this has been happening since Friday and the white area seems to keep growing. As reported before the family suspected some strange phenomena such as the formation of an icicle amid Belize’s usual warm temperatures.


We attempted to contact a few agricultural departments for some expert opinions but these were unsuccessful.  Some research suggests though that it may be the cuckoo spit which is formed by the frog hopper. The formation seen on the tree has similar traits to the cuckoo spit, which is that it is white, drips water and tends to get bigger. Whether it’s the work of nature, we’ll keep monitoring this strange occurrence.

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