Screen_Shot_2015-02-17_at_7.57.37_PMVariation in climate influence directly or indirectly affects human activities in either experiencing losses or benefits. Understanding and making effective use available of climate information is therefore critical to ensure efficiency and sustainability.

Without a doubt Climate Change is an important topic and with that in mind, today the Belize National Meteorological Service, in collaboration with the World Meteorological Organization and Environment Canada, hosted the Second National Climate Outlook Forum at the ITVET conference room in Corozal Town.

Dennis Gonguez, Chief Meteorological Officer at the Belize Met. Service, spoke today on the status of the service and its five components of the Global Framework for Climate Services and how the National Meteorological Service is fostering the developments and advancements of these components locally.

Dennis Gonguez -Chief Meteorological Officer

“Those components deals with observations, capacity development of the climate services, they deal with user interface platform a means which we can archive our data and disseminate our data and it gives us a platform for us to work and develop our climate services, a sort of guidance to develop our services.”

According to Gonguez, the main objective of these forums is to assist stakeholders.

Dennis Gonguez -Chief Meteorological Officer

“We want the stakeholder to use this product, the climate outlook, the rainfall predictions and to use it in their daily jobs so that they can better plan using for example the outlook was for a wet dry season we want the stakeholders to use that information to plan well what will I do knowing that this dry season will be wetter than normal so we providing them a planning tool.”

Dr. Cecilia Avellan from the World Meteorological Organization was also present at the foum. Her main objective was to gain feedback on the conference to take back to her headquarters.

Dr. Cecilia Avellan- World Meteorological Organization

“The World Meteorological Organization is the UN Specialize organization on all matter related to weather climate and water so we the umbrella organization to all national Meteorological and hydrological services of our 191 members countries around the world so Mr. Gomes here is what we call our permanent representative, he is in a sense our field officer, the World Meteorological Organization like other UN organizations that have any field officers so we work at a national level through our national Meteorological and hydrological services, my purpose here today is to support Mr. Gomez in his endeavor in leading the national climate outlook forum and the second one is to happen in Belize and to understand how the process works in Belize so that we can replicate the very successful events that are happening here in Belize to other countries of the world.”

A similar forum is scheduled for stakeholders from the Cayo, Stann Creek and Toledo Districts at the Central Farm UB conference room.

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