Screen_Shot_2015-02-18_at_8.05.29_PMOne year ago today, the decayed remains of Luis Moreno better known as “Patch” was found approximately half a mile in on a farm at Richman Hill, off the Guinea Grass Road. This was after he was reported missing fourteen days before he was found. As we’ve reported, Forensic Pathologist Dr. Mario Estradaband conducted the post mortem examination which concluded that the cause of death was chest trauma with a sharp instrument.


Viewers may recall that at the scene where the human remains were found, Moreno’s sweater was riddled with slashes and from what the Estradaband could establish, Moreno was brutally beaten before he was fatally stabbed. Today, one year later that case has gone “cold” and no leads or arrests have been made since. Patch Moreno was the second homicide recorded in Orange Walk Town for 2014.

Another case that has seemingly gone unsolved is the first recorded homicide in Orange Walk Town of 31 year old Stephen Kuylen, customs broker of Corozal Town who was executed in his yard on 6th street at the Pasadita Area of Town. Similar to Moreno’s case, no motive for his death was ascertained or was anyone pinned as the trigger man. Both cases remain unsolved.

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