gasTonight there is not much good news for consumers as the price of fuel, with the exception of Kerosene, has seen a slight increase. If you are a driver then you are well aware that for the past months consumers have been paying less for a gallon of premium, regular and diesel with the plunging of oil prices in the world market.


But the next time you visit the pumps you will be paying a bit more for the gallon of fuel of your choice as prices went up on Saturday.

With the increase consumers will now pay $8.87 per a gallon of premium as the price increased by seventy seven cents.


The price for a gallon of Regular fuel on the other hand, increased by nine cents as it now sells for $8.21 while the price for a gallon of diesel saw a hike of forty cents and now sells for $7.79.

As mentioned the only fuel that did not experience an increase is Kerosene which reduced by seventy three cents and now sells for $6.16.

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