Screen_Shot_2015-02-23_at_8.02.17_PMThings could have been worse for one watchman who was accosted by three men whilst on duty over the weekend. According to police, while they were in the immediate area of San Francisco and Progress Streets near Popular Bakery they responded to a burglary in progress and according to the police, the watchman on duty was tied up as the men fled the scene. Officer Commanding the Orange Walk Police Station, Supt. Dennis Arnold says they have three men in custody and are looking for one more. From all accounts, it appears that the watchman was set up.

SUPT. Dennis Arnold – Officer Commanding, OW Police

“Initial police investigation reveal that whilst the watchman for popular bakery was on duty a worker came to visit him explaining that he had forgotten something in the building upon giving him the key to go into the building apparently three others were in the immediate area where one of the person approach the watchman with a firearm and held him up robbed him of his cell phone and seventy dollars, they tied him up, they went into the building and apparently the alarm went off and the three persons fled the scene and police was in the immediate area when the alarm went off and set chase after the three persons and one of the persons was caught and presently in police custody, the other two has been sought also so we have three persons in custody for that incident.”

Police have since detained 21-year-old Victor Luna of Asuncion Street, 18-year-old Jovan Fajardo of Fonseca Street, 19-year-old Luis Briceno of Guadalupe Street, 19-year-old Christian Sutherland of Plum Street pending investigation. Person wanted Calbert Roberts AKA "Crana" for questioning.

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