Screen_Shot_2015-02-23_at_8.01.40_PMStudents in at least four schools today received a very interesting visit from a small group of people who brought not only some fun for the morning but a small gift. The visitors are led by Wayne Bertness who is a Gideon who is dedicated to bible distribution and evangelism. They do not belong to any denomination and work all around the world.  Bertness told us more about the reason for their visits to schools today.

Wayne Bertness – Gideon

“What the Gideons do is, our purpose is to handle the bibles all over we can whether in hotels or schools or hospitals where we can get the scriptures out to as many as possible because the scriptures have the words of life how we can go to heaven and how we can live here on this earth.”

As mentioned before, the group handed out copies of the bible to children and teachers in at least four schools this morning. The small group is also accompanied by a special friend who was also with them at the school this morning.


Wayne Bertness – Gideon

“This is Randy, says hi Randy ok hi and he is with me over forty years but he is still only six years old but he does thing and he helps me by telling bible stories and singing songs like Jesus loves and others too.”


Dalila ical – Reporter

“Does Randy like to help out with this mission?”

Wayne Bertness – Gideon

“Oh yeah for sure, and I kind like coming down here and we enjoy it and we want to serve the Lord in whatever we can and come and share the good news.”

Bertness says this is the second time they are here in Belize and are here for three weeks in which they plan to visit more schools.

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