victimsIn the wee hours of this morning on La Isla Bonita, gunshots rang out in the San Pedrito Area shattering the calm of the night and injuring two persons, including a two year old toddler fatally wounding him. The area has been seeing a spate in increase of gunfire and according to police they are looking at all possible angles as to what may have led the gunman to discharge his firearm at the family. In an interview over the telephone, Superintendent Luis Castellanos, Officer Commanding the coastal zone, told us the family was targeted whilst they slept in their apartment located on the lower flat of a two storey wooden structure in the San Pedrito Area.

SUPT. LUIS CASTELLANOS – Officer In charge, Coastal Executive Area

“Police responded immediately to the residence of Mr Rolando Espat and upon the arrival they learnt that the victim had already been transported to the Poly clinic and as a result we made our way to the Poly clinic where on arrival at the Clinic we saw doctor attending to a minor, a baby toddler,  a two year old, whose name we later learnt to be Daniel Espat and we observed that this toddler was suffering from some what appears to be gunshot injuries in the head, shortly afterwards that doctor pronounce the baby dead and we also at the hospital we notice that the mother was there and her name was Mrs Aleida Sandoval 33 years, Belizean housewife of San Pedrito area, San Pedro Town and she was observed to be suffering of gunshot injury from the left part of her hand by the elbow area and it is understood that the bullet was lodged in her back, at the scene we observed that the door to the apartment had about eight to nine bullet holes and at the crime scene we found five plugs and one expended shell.”

Our colleagues at 7News spoke with Rolando Espat, father of the deceased in San Pedro today. From what we’ve gathered, this is the fourth relative that Espat has lost due to gun violence but says that he does not know why he is being targeted.

Rolando Espat – Father of Deceased

“I still cannot explain how I manage not to get hit by a bullet because there were so much bullet as you can see in my room holes all over the wall and I was sleeping in front of my kid, I was in front of the bed, my kids was in the middle and my wife was in the corner of the bed so I still cannot explain how I didn’t get shot, I would prefer me to get shot and not my kids you know, because I already live my life you understand, my kids is just two years and a half, I would prefer a hundred times that they would shot me and not my kids, it is my fourth kid, six months ago I buried my eldest son 22 years old, Rolando Jr. and today my two years and a half son got killed, it is very hard to deal with that you know, I don’t wish that to anybody, I don’t know how  I am coping with that I don’t know, I lose four sons already in fun violence and the police say it is gun related, it doesn’t matter whatever it is I lose four kids already, somebody out there have a problem with me I don’t know why because like I said I don’t owe nobody nothing and I have never done any harm to anybody so that is all I can say.”

Police have detained one minor for questioning.

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