Screen_Shot_2015-02-25_at_6.40.54_PMRecently, two residents from the North have lost their lives due to road traffic accidents, particularly hit and runs. The first incident was recorded on Monday February 16th whilst Christian Villalobos was walking on the Philip Goldson Highway near mile marker 61 and was struck from behind by an unknown vehicle. The second incident took place over the weekend in Santa Martha Village where David Thiessen, a Mennonite worker was knocked down in a hit and run and left for dead. Officer commanding the Orange Walk Formation, Superintendent Dennis Arnold says that the person they had in custody for the Santa Martha incident was released and the department is awaiting the cooperation of a source that can help in Villalobos’ case.

SUPT DENNIS ARNOLD – Officer Commanding, OW Police

“The first one we are still investigating apparently the person who we believe saw what happened apparently they just have to give him some more time maybe he might change his mind and come forward and the second one with Mr Theisen it was just circumstantial evidence so far so we are still investigating both of them, the person we had detained we had to release him and in both cases are cane truck we are looking at.”

Another case that has seen arrests is the robbery attempt at La Popular Bakery plant that occurred on Saturday night at the corner of San Francisco Street and Progress Street. Officer Commanding the formation says the men have been charged and by all accounts, the watchman was set up by his co-worker.

SUPT DENNIS ARNOLD – Officer Commanding, OW Police

“We are still investigating that matter and I believe that the employee from Popular he was the one who had and I think he got charged for that for the abetment along with others.”

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