Screen_Shot_2015-02-25_at_6.40.28_PMMunicipal elections are exactly one week away and thousands of Belizeans will be making their way to the polling stations across the country. The elections are taking place on a weekday which means that the majority of voting population will be at work. Regardless of their job, the law stipulates that employers are to allow employees some time off their duties to go cast their vote. Often times, there are problems surrounding this as reports are made that employers refuse their employees that right. Today we asked Labor Commissioner Ivan Williams just what exactly the law says surrounding this matter and how employers should approach it.

Ivan Williams – Labor Commissioner

“Workers have a right to go and vote and that is their fundamental right, however depending on and this have to be worked out by the parties because depends where you live and where you are voting, I know at times people like to take more than it is allowed and so that is the challenge in other words it is not week off or so much days off it would just enough to allow you to but it depends again and employers know that relative to their situation there’s no specific.  Depending on the discussion in terms of the specifics employee in relation to what time is necessary that is what it will get to be allowed so that will be worked out by the parties in terms of having enough time; if I am going to vote all the way to PG and somebody is voting in Orange Walk clearly is two different distance and different things will be required so that is what I am saying it has to be worked out by the individuals.”

Municipal elections are scheduled to take place on March 4th 2015.

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