bpYou may have seen an increase of uniformed police officers around your neighbourhoods but it’s not on crime business, instead it is an on-going community policing initiative that is being implemented at the Orange Walk Police Station. Under the directives of the Commissioner of Police all formations across the country are being encouraged to work in partnership with the community to help prevent and reduce crime. Officer Commanding the Orange Walk Police, Superintendent Dennis Arnold, says only by working together can we enhance the quality of life for a safer town.

SUPT DENNIS ARNOLD – Officer Commanding, OW Police

“Community policing extend way back as I had mentioned earlier so that back in the mid 80’s up to the end of the 80’s we use to have the saturation duties, this is where Senior officers from all over Belmopan, Belize City would walk on different streets of Belize city greeting people but now they put a tweak to it and they call it Community Policing right the meet and greet so here in Orange Walk we are doing meet and greet sometimes on Wednesdays specially by today so that by tomorrow we are going to have a general meeting with my staff in relation to the election duties so we will have the meet and greet today at three, we usually walk from about three to about six o’clock in the evening just going in to people and talking to them asking them if they have seen police officer in their area or if they have any concern or what is the situation crime in their areas and we would listen to them and we would take note and see how best we can assist them with the crime situation in their community right at present we are something like eleven or twelve neighbouring watch group that has been formed here in Orange Walk and I just want to encourage more people to get on board with the neighbourhood watch group, what happened is that some of the concerns is that they are having petty theft in their area, the sale of marijuana and it is small thing like those we are looking at because from small things it can extend to big things so it is the little things we are looking at right now. Some neighbours are not satisfied with people who are dealing with drugs or doing illegal activities in their areas and I applaud them for it and that is the main reason why we are out there to gather intelligence as to what is happening in Orange Walk.  We want to make it clear that the police officers should be their friends so they should open up to us and we will open up to them and I am a person who do not tolerate foolishness right whenever we have any problem and I am made aware of the problem I ensure that I do something about it.”

Currently, the Orange Walk formation comprises of 84 officers and the hope is to extend the initiative up until the end of the year.

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